Vigilance LEMC was founded on Long Island, New York on April 14th, 2014 by a group of Law Enforcement Officers who wanted to share their love of riding and sense of community service.


 The founding members created Vigilance LEMC with the vision of bringing Law Enforcement Officers from all Departments together to strengthen the Brotherhood of the Thin Blue Line and bring that Brotherhood to the motorcycle world. 

 To be considered for Membership in the Vigilance LEMC, ALL candidates must be an active or retired Law Enforcement Officers with arrest powers and in good standing with their Department/Agency.

We are 100% Law Enforcement, NO EXCEPTIONS.

You must also own an American made V Twin motorcycle in order to be considered for membership. You will also have to be sponsored by a full patched member of the Vigilance LEMC to enter a PROSPECT period in which your commitment and character will be assessed. 

 Vigilance LEMC DOES NOT participate in or condone any form of hazing. A prospect will not be asked to do anything that a patched member hasn’t done or isn’t willing to do. 

 Vigilance LEMC participates in motorcycle runs and charity events that benefit the Law Enforcement Community as well as the community in which we live and serve. 

 Do you think you have what it takes?